Contalog’s B2B eCommerce Portal – Setup Guide

Setting up your B2B Portal via Contalog through its backend itself. Create, Sync, Invite Customers and get going with sales. It’s as simple as that.

Step 1: To create a Contalog B2B ecommerce portal, select ‘Channels’ menu in Contalog backend.


Step 2: A new window will appear where the list of all available channels will be shown.


Step 3: Select ‘B2B Portal’ in this section.


Step 4: Once you hover mouse on that option, ‘Install B2B Portal’ message will be displayed. Click it to get started with the installation.


Step 5: A new window will appear containing the briefing of how B2B portal works. Click the ‘Install B2B Portal’ button at the top left corner.


Step 6: In the ‘Settings’ tab, click the ‘Activate Account’ checkbox to activate your B2B account


Step 7: Click the ‘Assign Orders to Warehouse’ dropdown list and select the warehouse which should receive the orders placed through your B2B Portal.


Step 8: Click the ‘Price List’ option and select the price list which you want to use for the SKUs in your B2B portal.


Step 9: Click the ‘Tax Treatment’ option to select the whether the price of the products are inclusive or exclusive of tax.


Step 10: Click the ‘Default Tax Orders’ to mention the tax that’s applicable for products bought through your B2B portal.


Step 11: Click the ‘Show Out of Stock’ checkbox if you want to show out of stock notifications for your B2B customers.


Step 12: Click the ‘Show Stock Levels’ checkbox if you want to show the stock counts to your B2B customers.


Step 13: Click ‘Force SKU Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on B2B Sales Orders’ if you want to set a minimum ordering quantity of a product while placing an order.


Step 14: Click ‘Force SKU Allow Multiple Order Quantity (AMOQ) on B2B Sales Orders’ if you want a product to be ordered only in multiples of minimum quantity.


Step 15: ‘Apply Shipping Charge on B2B Sales Order’ is to add shipping charge for orders placed through B2B portal.


Step 16: In the ‘Shipping Amount’ section you can specify the shipping charge for orders placed through B2B portal.


Step 17: In the ‘Shipping Amount Added Below This Prescribed Amount’ section, you can specify the minimum order value below which the shipping charge should be applicable.


Step 18: Click ‘Next’ to progress to the ‘Getting Started’ tab.


Step 19: Click ‘Install’ button and you are done.


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