How to Add Custom Item?

Note: ‘Add Custom Item’ option allows you to specify the additional charges included like shipping, gift wrapping, packaging etc., You can ‘Add Custom Item’ information while creating an order and also by editing once an order is created.

Step 1: To add custom item in an order, go to ‘Orders’ menu and click ‘Sales Order’ submenu.


Step 2: Click the ‘Place Order’ button at the top right corner of the webpage.


Step 3: A new window with various fields will appear.


Step 4: Create an order by filling in all the necessary details and below the ‘Order Items’ part, you’ll find a ‘+ Add Custom Item’ link.


Step 5: Click the link and specify the additional charges and the reason for it here. Click ‘Save’ button.


Step 6: To add custom item in an order that’s already created, go to ‘Orders’ menu and click ‘Sales Order’ submenu.


Step 7: Select an order in which you want to add custom item information by clicking on its ‘Order ID’.


Step 8: Click the ‘Edit’ icon and add custom item to the order.


Step 9: Once done, click ‘Update Order’ button.


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