How to Create a New User?

Before creating a new user, you should create ‘User Roles’ and ‘User Team’ so that you can assign the role and team for the user being created.

Step 1: To create a user, select ‘User’ menu and select ‘Manage User’ sub menu.


Step 2: Click the ‘Create User’ button at the top right of the webpage.


Step 3: Enter the username, Email ID, phone contact details.


Step 4: Select the team to which the user belongs should belong to from the dropdown list in the ‘Team’ field.


Note: You can create a new team by clicking the ‘+’ button and assign the user to the newly created team.

Step 5: Select the role played by the user from the ‘User Roles’ drop down list.


Step 6: Choose an image for the user and upload it in the ‘Select Image’ field. Then Click ‘Save User’ button.


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