How to Filter Purchase Orders by Criteria?

Purchase orders can be filtered based on fields like ‘PO ID’ ‘Placed By’, ‘Supplier’, ‘Email’, ‘Phone’, ‘Status’ either by selecting options from the respective drop-down lists or entering values.

Only ‘PO ID’ and ‘Phone Number’ fields require values to be keyed while for the others, options can be selected from the dropdown.

Note: You can create filters based on the above-mentioned categories as well.

Step 1: To set up a custom filter, go to ‘Orders’ menu and click ‘Purchase Order’ submenu.


Step 2: The list of all existing purchase orders will appear.


Step 3: For instance, if you want to create a filter by ‘Supplier’, click the ‘Supplier’ field. Select the name of the supplier for whom you want to create a readymade filter button.


Step 4: Click the ‘Action’ button in the right corner of the field.


Step 5: A pop up will appear. Enter the name of the filter, for example, the supplier name, and click ‘Save’.


The newly created filter button will appear next to the default filter at the top.


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