How to Filter Sales Orders by Criteria?

Note: Sales Orders can be filtered by creating custom filters based on ‘Order by’, ‘Channel’, ‘Customer’, ‘Status’, ‘Invoiced’, ‘Paid’ and ‘Packed’ fields.

Here is the procedure to set up a custom filter for any of the above mentioned order details.

Step 1: Let’s take ‘Order By’ as an example. To set up a custom filter for ‘Order By’ field, go to ‘Orders’ menu and click ‘Sales Order’ submenu.


Step 2: The list of all existing sales orders will appear.


Step 3: Click the input text field below the ‘Order By’ column.


The list of backend users (your company employee using Contalog) who have created sales orders will appear in a dropdown list. Select the user(s) whose order you want to be filtered. You can choose more than one backend user as well.

Step 4: Once done with the selection, go to the right extreme where you’ll be able to locate the ‘Action’ button denoted by a tick mark icon. Click it.


Step 5: A pop up will appear. Enter the name of the custom filter and click ‘Save’ button.


Step 6: The newly created filter will appear next to the default filter provided by Contalog.


Likewise, you can create custom filter for any of the above-mentioned order details.

Note: Custom filters can be deleted easily by clicking the ‘delete’ symbol that appears during a hover action.

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