How to Filter Users?

Note: Filters can be created for the convenience of back-end operators to quickly filter data. Filters can be created based on ‘Status’ and ‘Team Name’. There will be 2 filters provided by Contalog by default, namely ‘All’ and ‘Active’

Step 1: To create a filter based on team name, go to ‘User’ menu and select ‘Manage User’ sub menu.


Step 2: A list of existing users will be shown. In the ‘Team Name’ column, type the name of the team for which you want to create a filter.


Note: You can create filters for a single team or a group of teams.

Step 3: At the right corner, click the ‘Action’ button.


Step 4: A pop up will appear. Enter the filter name and click ‘Save’ button.


The newly created filter will appear next to the default filters. You can delete the newly created filters simply by clicking the ‘x’ mark that appears when hovered on the filter.

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