How to Place a New Sales Order?

Note: You can create sales orders in the backend on behalf of customers.

Before creating sales orders, you should ‘Create customer records’, ‘Tax Type’, ‘Order Event’ and ‘Warehouse

Step 1: To create sales orders, go to ‘Orders’ menu and click ‘Sales Order’ submenu.


Step 2: Click the ‘Place Order’ button at the top right corner of the webpage.


Step 3: A new window with various fields will appear.


In the ‘Select Customer’ field, select the customer for whom the order is going to be placed by choosing the name from the dropdown list.

Once you’ve chosen the customer name, you can notice the email, phone number, ‘Bill To’ , ‘Ship To’, ‘Tax Type’, ‘Order Event’ and ‘Warehouse’ details getting updated automatically.

Note: You can edit a few of the automatically updated information like ‘Warehouse’, ‘Order Event’ etc

You can specify the ‘Order Date’ and proceed to the next part of the form which is ‘Order Items’

In the ‘Order Items’ part, you can enter the product for which you want to place the order by keying in its name or its SKU.

In the ‘Quantity’ section, mention the quantity of the product. Once done, the default price, discount percentage, discount amount, tax and the total bill amount will updated automatically.

Step 4: If needed, you can change any of these details after which you can proceed with adding another item in the order using the ‘+ Add Another Item’ button.


Step 5: The ‘+ Add Custom Item’ can be used if there are any additional charges like shipping, handling or gift wrapping etc.,


Step 6: The ‘Message to Customer’ can be used to send messages to customer about the order or it could be anything else.


Step 7: Click ‘Place Order’ button.

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