How to Set up Filter?

Step 1: To add filter to reports, go to ‘Reports’ menu.


Step 2: After completing Step 1, in the ‘Select Column’ section, values that are appropriate to the related modules you have chosen, will appear. Select the needed values for the column of your report spreadsheet from the dropdown list.


Note: To add custom filters to the report you can make use of the ‘Filter’ section below.

Step 3: Under the ‘Filter’ section, click the ‘+ Add Criteria’ button.


Step 4: In the first dropdown that appears, you can either select ‘And’ or ‘If’ condition.


Step 5: The values selected as the column of your report will appear in the second dropdown. The next dropdown will have conditions ‘Is’ and ‘Is Not’.

And in the last field, you can select the values related to the column option selected in the second dropdown.


If you select ‘And’ condition in the 1st dropdown list, ‘Product ID’ in the second dropdown list, ‘Is Not’ in the 3rd drop down field and choosing 117 in the 4th dropdown field, the report will generate the list of all products along with their information like product name, cost etc except the product with the ID ‘117’.

Step 6: Now, click the ‘Save’ button.


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